Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rosette Necklace TUTORIAL

Last night I made a rosette necklace, and today I whipped one up for my little girl and made a tutorial for those that want to make one of their own. I promise this is SO easy, this tutorial is a mini version of the one I made for ^myself, but you would do the exact same thing, just adding a few more rosettes, and if you like the different sizes, you can play around with that part. Let's get started!

What you'll need:
*Chain- doesn't need fasteners *you can also use ribbon and save a few steps!*
*hot glue gun/glue sticks
*scraps of felt and fabric for rosettes ( I recommend staying away from stretchy stuff, although it will still work)
*sew on snap.
Optional-rhinestones/pearls/beads...for center of flowers

Step 1:
Using any scraps of material, cut into 1 inch strips (no need to measure, just cut, you can't go wrong) This one shown is about 18 inches long, it makes a medium size rosette. Cut longer or shorter strips depending on how big or small you want your flowers.Step 2: Start at one end of your strip and roll the end up, then start twisting your strip and roll the twisted fabric around the center. Hopefully the picture makes more sense than my explanation. :)
Step 3:
Use your hot glue as you twist and roll to secure the fabric. I usually glue an inch at a time, then twist and roll to make sure it's secure, and the shape I want.
Step 4:
Once you get to the last inch or so, give it a little hot glue and glue that to the underside of your now, "flower".
Like so...
Step 5: Repeat until you have as many rosettes as you'd like for your necklace. This one I made for Skylee I chose to do 3, mine has 8 of varying sizes.
Step 6: Lay out how you want your rosettes to fit together and hot glue them onto your piece of felt in that pattern.
Step 7: Cut the felt around the flowers, careful not to cut your rosettes :)

This is how it should look on the backside:Step 8: Take your chain, or ribbon and measure around your neck, or your model's, how long you want your necklace to be. Then cut ribbon/chain (using wire cutters or whatever else you have). I had a long chain and needed it cut down. If using ribbon, cut two strips of the ribbon, making sure you have enough to tie a bow.
Step 9: Hot glue one end of the chain to the backside of the rosettes, on the felt. I didn't take a picture, but I cut a little piece of felt to put on top of the chain too where it was glued, not mandatory though. If you're using ribbon, glue one piece of ribbon to each side and tie a bow behind your neck to put it on :)
Step 10: Get your sew on snaps and secure one of the pieces to the felt, on the opposite side from where you just glued the chain down.
You can chose to hand stitch or hot glue this piece on. This picture shows I stitched it on, but if you notice, I did it upside down! I took it off and then used hot glue. :)
Step 11: on the other end of your chain, hand stitch the other piece of your snap!
Step12: Add your rhinestones or other embellishments with a dab of hot glue and try it on!
Let me know if you have any questions, hope you love your necklace! Good luck :)

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  2. I love this. It is totally amazing!

  3. Your necklace turned out beautifully! Your "little Model" is so cute!

  4. I LOVE this! And great choice with the pretty blue. I want to try this tonight, thanks for sharing!
    PS- I'm your latest follower :)