Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Doll for Skylee

When was the last time your house was totally clean, AND the laundry was done? On second thought, maybe I don't want to know ;) Monday, a miracle happened at my house and that was just the case! Last week Sew Much Ado had the Ruby Lou Doll pattern 50% off, and I couldn't resist. When I didn't have the guilt hanging over me of needing to clean or do laundry, I knew it was the perfect time to give this doll pattern a go! Now, hopefully my version isn't the first you've seen of these cute dolls, but if it is...go over and see how much cuter they're suppose to be ;)
I made her out of scrap materials I already had. Instead of muslin for the body, I used old white cotton t-shirts. Her clothes were all made from other pieces of clothing as well. Her hair is made of felt, a color I already had, her face...well those are my sorry "embroidery" skills (without embroidery thread). As Tim Gunn says "make it work"!
The most important thing of course, whatever project I make for Skylee, is that she loves it. No matter what imperfections there may be (there are plenty!) she doesn't know, and loves it just the same. For this four year old, any doll that wears a skirt, is awesome! I plan to make more of these, maybe as friends for this first one, or gift for other little girls I know. Hopefully I'll get better with practice!


  1. First off, my house is never clean when the laundry is done and vic versa so you rock! second that is a good lookin doll, you did great! I love that you used old clothing to make it, pretty genious!