Friday, January 14, 2011


(don't worry, no need to call 911)
2011 is anticipated to be a CRAZY year for our family! I'm so excited with all the changes we're expecting, and no...I'm not pregnant :) We are moving. Clear. across. the. country....literally...very soon (pray for me), being separated from my husband for months(making me a semi-single mother, for who knows how long), living with family, and then moving AGAIN where we hope to *fingers crossed* buy our FIRST HOME!
Exciting, and scary things all at the same time. My point, you ask?
Is it strange that I'm really sad that for a good portion of the year, I won't have a home that I can decorate?!
While there is "light at the end of the tunnel" with buying a home of our own later in the year, it just makes me sad to think I can't really make much in the way of house decor, or things in general to make the place "ours". sigh.
Why do I think these things through so much anyway? Why is making "stuff"(or the lack thereof) even something on my radar with SO many other details that need to be worked out? With so many other adjustments me and my family will have to make, why am I thinking of decorating?!
Illness? Maybe passion? Probably illness ;) If/when I do make something, it will just be one more thing to have to pack up and move again. nobody likes that part. nobody. And if you do, then there's no question you have an illness. ( I recommend getting help, or helping me do the packing and moving!)

Here's where you come in- I need ideas for my kids, and myself for that matter, for traveling. We'll be spending 4 Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg days in the car driving from the coast of Georgia, to the coast of California. My kids are young, 4 years, and not quite 2 years yet. I've got the movies handled with the DVD player in my car, but I'd prefer my kids not going brain dead because of constant movies for 4 days. I don't have that many movies anyhow, and my kids don't have that attention span either :)
So send me links, or leave me comments with ideas of things we can do in the car, or things I can make to make the trip easier. Anything!
please :)


P.S. Coping suggestions are welcome as well, for my lack of crafting crisis. Sympathy works too ;)


  1. Kiddy tranquilizers? Just kidding, but I don't envy your trip.

    Whenever I go somewhere distant with the boys (just turned 2 and about to turn 4 next week), I like to start at night, near their usual bedtime. That way I get a peaceful start to the trip and they're well rested. I usually buy a stash of new little toys (hot wheels and stuffies)to bring out at points during the trip. We make FREQUENT stops for pee breaks, exercise, and to turn snacks into picnics/adventures. Snacks for the car are also a must...have to admit, it's usually junk food, with healthier options offered at meals in restaurants. Whatever keeps them happy and us sane! If you plan to stay at hotels along the way, try to find kid friendly ones with a pool and slide. The little ones need to burn as much energy out of the vehicle as possible. Happy trails!

  2. You can get sketch pads at Target or Walmart for $1-2. Stock up! For P, I suggest Color Wonder products. He can color on paper but nothing else. S would like them, too. It's spendy, but fun.
    Go to a dollar store, the dollar section at Target, of thrift store and buy some cheap new toys and activities, like stickers, books, and picture flash cards.
    Make I-Spy cards of things for the kids to look for. You can find clip art of things like trucks and animals-- anything you might see on a road trip-- and put them in a Bingo-like formation on a piece of card stock. The kids can put a sticker or make a mark on things they see and get a treat when they get four in a row or a fill up the card.
    Make I-Spy bags (I saw someone make one out of a pencil pouch) or cans (like in a plastic peanut butter jar) and fill it with odds and ends mixed in rice. You can tell them to look for certain things (like an animal or certain color) or just have them tell you what they find.
    Good luck!

  3. They may be a little young, but I remember when I was little my mom gave us washable markers and we drew on the windows. I think she had a spray bottle of water and a roll of paper towels to wash the windows occasionally. I remember loving it, but I'm pretty sure I was older than 4...
    Anyway, I wish you luck!!