Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tutorial: Scripture tote

If you're scrambling for a last minute gift for your daughter, mother, sister, or friend, this is a simple but useful homemade one. The first one I ever made was actually for a boy, so if there's a guy in your life who could use one, give it a try using appropriate colors/ribbon(handle material) and embellishments! Sorry for all the super bright pics, I didn't have a chance to edit them and I knew if I didn't post this while I had the chance, it probably wouldn't happen :)
Materials Needed:
1 placemat
2 yards of ribbon
needle (or hot glue gun) and matching thread
flower/other embellishments
1. Lay placemat horizontally and place your ribbon 2-3 inches from the side in straight line, and sew down both side of your ribbon.
2. Repeat on the other side, just make sure to use the same measurements.

3. Decide how long you want your handles and pin them on the opposite side (wrong side/inside) of the placemat. Turn under about an inch of the ribbon from the bottom to reinforce and keep from the ribbon fraying. Sew each side of your handles on. Make sure to reinforce or sew over a couple times so it's nice and strong! Nobody likes breaking handles ;)
4. Fold placemat in half, so handles meet, and sew a straight line down each side5. Fold your corners the opposite way so it looks like this: (kinda hard to put into words, or it's just late and I need sleep)
6. Sew a straight line across your corner, about 2 inches down from the tip.
7. This is what the bottom should look like after you sew the corners:
8. You're almost done! Sewing is out of the way, easy right?! Now turn your tote right side out, and add embellishments.

9. For silk flowers, I take them apart, completely discard the plastic parts, then reassemble the layers again. Hand stitch your flower on the front of your tote. On this tote, I added a pearl for the center which can be hand stitched, or hot glued on there. I've even hot glued my flowers on, but if you do that, glue each layer one at a time.
There are endless possibilities, have fun!
Merry Christmas :)
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas in our home

With a week until Christmas, I finally got my house decorated! Whew! I can't believe it took me so long to get it done. I had my tree up by December 1st, but everything else was put on hold due to a crazy busy schedule. Here's a look at what I managed to do this year on my budget:

Each year I pick up tree branches from tree lots to use for decorations, and a nice added smell to the house. Add a strand or lights for a couple bucks and use what you've got.
Poinsettia from a Christmas party, Nutcracker from Goodwill.
Homemade stockings, polyfil "snow" and a couple wrapped empty boxes. ( I need some more up there!)
I moved this little nativity around so many times. This is where it is as I type, up high enough for it to not be touched by my kids (who have already broken just about every piece). I used to put this in my room as a little girl, and now this year it's in my home :) I couldn't find anything else to put on these candlesticks, and it's a little different, but I think I like it!
Some more of those tree branches (garland)
This little inlet in our dinning room is always fun to decorate.
Old window pane with my ornament wreath hung, spiced up a little with a few vinyl snowflakes.

Wooden blocks
homemade "Merry Christmas"banner
Light up snowman(or woman)
Of course, I wish I had more time this year to make more fun things, but I guess next year I'll have to start earlier! Merry Christmas :)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Call me Martha...

Or something like that... She would probably have a cow if she saw how I made these and the details of them! I'm no Martha, but I'm so happy with how my stockings came out. This was my own pattern made up with my favorite method, "trial and error". I was kinda picky about the shape of my stocking (I know, I'm's just a stocking, right?!) so I drew out a pattern from newspaper, it seemed to work pretty well!
When I pulled out our Christmas decorations from the attic, I realized that I only had 3 matching stockings! Last year for Parker's first Christmas, we were in CA with our family and I never had to buy one for him, so this year he didn't have one here in our home. I figured I could manage a few stockings! I originally really wanted a red print, but when I came across this fabric that could be used on either side and resembles snowflakes, I knew it was made for my project. Only 3 are hanging in this picture, but I made 4's that darn 3 thing again...only so many stocking holders around here. I've got to fix that soon, SANTA is coming next week! If you're interested in a tutorial, leave me a comment, I'm planning on making a couple more. Merry Christmas :)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Saturday

Last weekend our ward (church congregation) had a craft day "Super Saturday". It was intentionally just in time for Christmas so things could be made as gifts or Christmas decorations for the home. Here are some of the projects we did, well the ones I got pictures of at least!

Ribbon Bracelet- $1 each
Small handbag/Scripture Tote- $5
Seasonal Wooden Blocks- $7 found at Brown Paper Packages (love this blog!)
^side note: do not attempt to sand 112 wooden's NOT fun!

Light up Snowman-$3

Ornament Wreath-$15-20
We also had Christmas cards using stamps that I didn't get pictures of, they were SO cute too! Thanks to everyone who helped, I needed it! This was my first time putting one together, AND attending one! So happy with how the day turned out, but more happy that it's over ;)
Merry Christmas!