Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Saturday

Last weekend our ward (church congregation) had a craft day "Super Saturday". It was intentionally just in time for Christmas so things could be made as gifts or Christmas decorations for the home. Here are some of the projects we did, well the ones I got pictures of at least!

Ribbon Bracelet- $1 each
Small handbag/Scripture Tote- $5
Seasonal Wooden Blocks- $7 found at Brown Paper Packages (love this blog!)
^side note: do not attempt to sand 112 wooden's NOT fun!

Light up Snowman-$3

Ornament Wreath-$15-20
We also had Christmas cards using stamps that I didn't get pictures of, they were SO cute too! Thanks to everyone who helped, I needed it! This was my first time putting one together, AND attending one! So happy with how the day turned out, but more happy that it's over ;)
Merry Christmas!



  1. Thanks for the comment over at! I LOVE your blog, so many great ideas. I will officially be stalking, I mean following you now. :)