Saturday, October 16, 2010

October Fun

Last year I realized I didn't really have much in the way of Halloween decor, so I made up some cute cheese cloth ghost, and a little festive banner made out of scrapbook paper. I was proud of myself considering I had just started crafting! At the end of the Halloween season, I took them down, nicely put them in a little box and set them in our garage so my husband could put them in the attic when he had a chance. Well...before he got that chance, he changed the oil in my car and decided that nice little box would be a perfect place to set the can filled with oil. It also just so happened that the oil spilled out, and ruined my newest homemade Halloween decor. :( Which means that I had to make a couple more things this year to make up for it, plus my skill level is slightly better this year :)
Here is a look at some of the Halloween decorations I've made around my house so far this year. I still plan on making a few more, as time permits (haha)! As with everything I do, it's fast, inexpensive and easy :)Forgive me that I don't have all the links to where I found some of my inspirations, I'll find them again, and when I do I'll be sure to link up!

-These little silhouette plaques were so easy, and cute. I found the templates at the Pink Peony and stenciled them onto scrapbook paper/cardstock, that had been modge podged onto old plaques (found at the Dollar Tree, they usually have lame saying on them :P ) I used permanent marker to outline the template and then painted the rest in black.

-For another project I've been procrastinating on, I had these 4x4 wooden blocks hanging around, and figured I'd make a pumpkin. Ever seen "Spookley the Square Pumpkin"? This in my version :) Painted the block orange, sanded the edges, then hot glued a stick to the top and a little green bow to finish it off.-At the Dollar Tree they had a little bag of these skeleton heads, so I picked up a couple and threw them in one of my hurricane jars, then tied a little ribbon around it.
-I'm sure this isn't an original idea, but when I saw this at this doilie at the store it stuck out to me as a nice web, add a few plastic spider rings and done!
-A while back I got a couple awesome old windows from a friend who was moving, I still haven't gotten around to refinishing them, but for Halloween they're perfect! So in the meantime, I made a tulle wreath and hung it there for a nice display.
-I'll admit, I bought the glittery spider at Target ;) but the pumpkin I made, well at least painted! Using contact paper, I cut out the letters and placed them on the pumpkin, sponged on white paint and then peeled of the paper. I intentionally scratched the paint afterward to add some character. And even though the saying is "beware", I couldn't help adding ribbon.
-My "Spooky" banner :) I used burlap triangles, and foam letter stamps to make this. After stamping the letters on, I hot glued the burlap pieces on a strand of twine.

-Here's my eclectic pumpkin patch, I'd still like to make a sign of some sort and maybe organize them better, but this is what I've got for now. The lone white one is an unfinished project...I've got lot's of those right now (not to mention that bookcase is in need of a face lift )!
SOOOO, there ya have it! Hope you find some inspiration for your own home. Little pieces of seasonal fun are so worth it. I love the change of decor for a few weeks :)


P.S. Check back soon for an update on 3 costumes I've been working on :) (Owl, Fairy, and Glow-worm)