Monday, January 17, 2011

Rosette Necklace and Pillow

I loved making that felt flower pillow, I'm thinking of other places in my house that could use one. Dressing up my couch just that small bit, inspired me to keep going. I made up a simple blue pillow this evening after my kiddos went to sleep. The pillow is just dandy and all, but I love this necklace I made from the scraps of this material.

You can expect to see LOTS of these from me, probably in every color! With exception to the rhinestones, the materials I used to make the necklace, I already had...Love that!

Anyone interested in a tutorial? For the necklace, that is :)

Good grief, it's midnight here and I'm blogging about crafts! What has become of me?!



  1. Yes please! A tutorial would be wonderful!

  2. Hi Brittney,
    I came over here because I couldn't figure out how to respond to your kind comments on my blog and I'm sooo glad I did! What a darling blog and I love this necklace. Good luck on your move to CA. I'm originally from there. I hope you like it. It's a lot different than Georgia! :-)