Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rustic Wire Pumpkin

Maybe I'm the only one here, but I tend to get all excited to decorate my house when seasons/holidays change, go up to the attic to pull down my boxes and find that I really only have one whimpy little box, with hardly anything inside to decorate with! I have visions of my house looking amazing, and then I get a reality check! Bummer...but that's all the more reason to MAKE stuff, right!? No doubt this will happen when Christmas rolls around too, maybe I should start to emotionally/mentally prepare myself now!
While cruising the isles of Target last week I found some cute little rustic looking pumpkins. So simple, yet so stylish, and you can never have too many pumpkins!!!The next day while blog-hopping I came across this tutorial from The Hand Me Down House featured on Someday Crafts and KNEW it was just meant to be!
I knew I wanted to make mine a little different so I bought some wired jute/twine (found it at Micheal's) and used all 50ft of it for one bigger pumpkin. I really like how it turned out. Not too bad for $2, and let me tell you...ANYONE can do this! So simple, my favorite kind of projects ;)
Now go make one!...or two...or three...
Fall officially will be here NEXT WEEK!
I've had a few people e-mail me about where I found the wire...I found it at Micheal's but when I search for it online it doesn't come up their site. I searched online for this stuff and you'll have a few options if you call it "Rustic Wire". Hope this helps :)



  1. i love this pumpkin, but please tell me where you can buy wired jute?? Thanks, Sue

  2. Super cute Brit!!! I'll be making this for Halloween...hopefully I can keep them under control - I really love decorating for fall!!