Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preschool Crafts

I do a little co-op preschool with some friends for Skylee-bug and this week was my turn to have the kids over and attempt to teach them something ;) (They really are so smart and well behaved).
We have a rotation for their curriculum, and Tuesday we focused on math and visual arts. Of course we reviewed numbers up to 100, then made some of these fun wooden spoon puppets that then got to put on a show and make up stories with their puppets. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the other ones we made but this is Skylee's: Complete with twine locks!Today we focused on science so we made these sensory bears. This bear is filled with rice so he makes noise when you shake it, sprayed with body spray, and has different textures that make up the body(sand paper, felt, ribbon, buttons). For the tasting part, well...I just told them it would taste yucky if they tried to eat it, and to be reminded of our tasting sense by the rice inside (maybe it's a stretch?). Then we made up some reminders with our fingers about all the 5 senses. They turned out pretty cute,and effective, so I thought I'd share :)If you've got other fun preschool activities/ideas/crafts, please share! :) have fun with your little ones!