Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Onsie

Cut out your design...
Use some Heat n Bond...

Don't ask me why I've never tried this kind of project before...maybe I thought it would be more time consuming than it actually is, but I loved making this! This one I just made will be a part of a small baby gift, along with that boppy slipcover from the last post, and this cute "I am a Child of God" framed nursery decor I found on Made with Love and Glue. The possibilities are endless with this stuff, so if you're like me and haven't tried this out before, DO :)


  1. what a great idea! I'm a child of God, my children's fav. song!!!!

  2. i'm going to make some of those onesies this week and i love that 'i am a child of God' idea!

  3. Very cute! I love the material you used for the butterfly!