Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

There are a couple really good reasons to celebrate today,
1) Memorial Day. It's so important to me that we take time to reflect on those who have gone before us, and those who continue to fight for our safety and freedom. I have always been patriotic, and I feel even more privileged now as a wife, sister, and sister in law, of members of the United States Coast Guard. Hope you are all having/had a wonderful day, remember those who fought for, and gave their lives for our freedoms and continue to do so :)
Happy Memorial Day!

2) I now have 60 followers! This is still a "baby blog", just one month old and I have LOVED it so far. Getting to know some of you, and checking out your blogs has been so much fun! This last week was super busy and exciting at our house(hubby advanced in rank and Parker, my little guy started walking!), which made it hard to find time to craft but don't you worry... May seem silly, but THANK YOU for supporting me :)

Just about the only thing I made this week was another little guy tie:

He's thrilled!
Stay tuned for upcoming projects!



  1. he is adorable!!!!! My youngest is almost 4, and there are STILL days that I wonder if I will have time to do something crafty without being interrupted! LOL Just hang in gets better! <3

  2. Oh, how adorable Parker looks in his cute little guy tie!


  3. He is such a gorgeous little man! The tie is super cute :D

  4. yay for over 60 followers! the blog looks good girl! you are awesome! and already been featured on like 5 other blogs? wow! someday soon i'll start crafting again...i haven't done anything since my book wreath a few months ago...