Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cake/Cupcake Stand

For my little man's birthday last month I wanted to have a cupcake stand, but didn't want to spend the money on something I wouldn't really use too often. I didn't take a picture at each step, since I didn't have this blog, but here is what I did:

Supplies You'll Need:
salad plate
dinner plate
2 canisters (I used empty formula cans)
empty paper towel roll
Epoxy glue and hot glue gun/glue
scissors or x-acto knife (or something similar, I actually used a box cutter)
Buttons or other accessories

1 .From cardboard, cut 3 circles out using your plates/platter as your template. Cut down the paper towel roll to the height you want. Then cut the3 same size circles from the foam-board.
(pay no attention to the 3rd canister)

2. Glue the cardboard and foam board together to make one piece with the foam board on top. Don't expect your edges to be perfect, we'll cover them up :)

3. Using hot glue, wrap the ribbon around the canisters, paper towel roll,and the edges of the boards.
4. Measure out where the middle of your circles are and place the canisters in the appropriate area. (I measured, but ended up eying it, works just as well for me!). To attach the canisters to the foam board and cardboard, use the epoxy glue if using formula cans. Hot glue won't hold it...believe me ;) Do the same for the top with the paper towel roll.

5. Stack it up and embellish with buttons, flowers...whatever!

It's inexpensive enough to make one for every occasion :)



  1. I love this idea! I just had to feature it on my blog. I hope you'll come over and check it out:

  2. Love this idea! You are so creative. We are having a b day party for 2 of our kids at the end of the month. I will be making one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is SUCH a cute and clever idea! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm sooo going to do this for my daughter's birthday at the end of the month!

  4. What a cute cupcake stand! I love the colors you chose and the cupcakes look yummy too!

  5. That looks great. Just found you through Childmade. Come by to Something Wonderful and check out the cupcake stand I made.


  6. You totally took this idea straight from my head! I even have the formula cans mod podged with scrapbook paper and ribbon, but couldn't figure out anything sturdy enough to use as the bases and didn't want to pay for cake platters from Michaels! I then decided on going with the terra cotta stand from A girl and a glue gun. Glad you were able to make this work! ;)

  7. Thanks so much again for posting this. I made it for my daughter's birthday, and it was sooo cute! It worked out perfectly, and I got a lot of compliments on it!
    Thanks again!

  8. Thanks for this tutorial! I am sure going to try it. I was always thinking about how I could do it in an "not expensive" way.