Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's (almost) Fall Y'all!

^That's what has happened to me after being the South for almost 4 years^ Haha ;)

With Skylee being in school, and Parker still taking good naps,I have a few hours everyday to work on projects. It has been great! Just last month I learned to basics of how to crochet, and now I find myself trying to improve every chance I get. I found a really cute pattern on Etsy that sold this Hello Kitty Ear-flap Beanie pattern.
Don't mind the uneven spacing. Practice is supposed to make perfect. Apparently I haven't practiced enough!

This pumpkin beanie was a free pattern I found on Pinterest, and originally it came from here. I plan on making more, one for each member of our family, specifically for the pumpkin patch this year, but it can be worn all the way through Thanksgiving :) I didn't follow the pattern exactly, honestly, I never do. I kind of get the idea from the pattern, then make adjustments how I like it, which I'm sure makes things more confusing and time consuming since I'm only just learning...ugh. Why must I be so picky!?
This pattern is for a newborn, so I had to figure out how to make it bigger, I did (obviously) but I think I made it too big, this hat shown fits me better ;)He's hiding, and thinks it's was, you should hear his laugh. :)

Not pictured in this post, but my husband actually asked me to make him a beanie too. He went to Joann's with me, picked out the color (army green) and I whipped one up for him. Just had to document this event!

So...whose ready for Fall? Cooler weather? Crocheted beanie weather!?


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